Exercise Corner | Zootopia – The Movie (2016)


Let’s Recollect

1. Take a look at the pictures of some characters from the movie and identify the kind of animal each one is. Then, write their names from the movie in the first blank and the animal names in the second blank:

2. Sort the animals given below into the ‘Prey’ or ‘Predator’ category, and fill in the respective rows appropriately:

Note: After doing this activity, talk to children about why large animals such as elephants are considered as prey animals. Even though healthy elephants are not attacked by most predators, injured or baby elephants could be attacked by predators. Additionally, since elephants are herbivores, they fall under the prey category.

Grammar Good

1. Choose the best adjective from the given options to describe each of the following animals:

2. Fill in the blanks using ‘has’ or ‘has not’ based on your observations from the movie:

GK Challenge

1. In the movie, we saw that Zootopia is divided into 12 districts. Recall the names of all the districts and write in the blanks provided:

2. Fill in the blanks with the correct district name from the given choices, based on the hints:

Think & Write

In this exercise, we aim to teach children about the concepts of discrimination, racism, bias, stereotype, and prejudice. Please take some time to make students understand how serious each of this is, and how one differs from the other.

In their responses to the given prompts, check if they have understood each of these concepts clearly and acknowledge the responses individually. For example, if students state that they have witnessed discrimination, explain to them why it’s not right and that they should never treat someone in a similar way. If students say that have treated someone differently based on race, point out their mistake and if possible, ask them to apologise to the person they might have hurt. Have a talk with them in a way that points out the intensity of these mistakes on a higher level and make sure they understand that they shouldn’t repeat them. Overall, check for the right reflection of thought processes, and verify that their sentence structures, grammar, etc. are right in the writing.


Thaumatrope Animation

This is a fun activity that brings out the creative side of children. This could be a very exciting creation for children because, in a way, children are creating their very own animation here! Look for creativity in the thaumatropes they create, and you can even encourage them to make more and gift it to their friends or family.

Taking it a step further, you can even introduce students to the concept of flipbooks and ask interested students to create one.

Here’s a sample flipbook video for your reference:

Additional Prompt

To give a grade for the Activity Corner section in this unit, you can conduct a speaking exercise in your class and evaluate the grade based on the effort they’ve put in for the speech and grade how well they’ve improved their speaking abilities from any previous instances. Ask the students to prepare a short speech for about 3 minutes on the prompt given below:

Have you ever felt that you’re being underestimated by someone? Were you able to prove them wrong? If not, what would you do in such a situation?