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Northeastern States of India

The people belonging to the Northeast of India are often mistaken for foreigners because of their appearance. Through this chapter and this activity, we bring attention to students about the Northeastern states and help them understand that while they look different, they are Indian too and just like us!

Why do you think the Northeastern states are called the ‘Seven Sisters’?

The Northeastern States are often known as the Seven Sister states because they are interdependent on one another. All these states are connected to India via Siliguri Corridor. Hence, that is the only way to reach the Seven Sister States.

My Culture Slambook

Children need to understand that despite the differences between multiple cultural beliefs and practices, we need to cherish all practices and respect each one. In this activity, we aim to get children acquainted with practices that are common around them. Ask students to find out details from their parents or the other elders around them. This will also act as a way for children to deepen their bond with their families. After all the students have finished their activity, discuss in class generally about the common practices followed and ask students if they’d be interested to come up and share about their culture in front of the class! This way, students will also get acquainted with multiple cultures and practices.

Think & Write

Persuasive Writing

Having the ability to give supporting reasons to a piece of content written or being able to back up an argument by explaining the basis is an important skill. Through this activity, we aim to inculcate the skill of persuasion in children by getting them to write reasons for a suggestion they make. Instruct them to write their reasons in a convincing way by backing them up with facts. For example, if they suggest running practice as an activity to do during breaks, one of the reasons could be that Zenie loves running and aims to be a sprinter one day. In their responses, check if they have given convincing reasons for their suggestion. You can also suggest certain words that act as persuaders to include in their writing. Here are some examples:
– Furthermore
– Besides that
– Equally as important
– Similarly
– Likewise
Similarly, you can look up more examples and suggest it to students.

Grammar Good

1. Identify and write the homophones of the following words from the story. Then, form a new sentence using the identified words and write it down.

2. Write down three examples of minimal pairs in the space provided below:

Some examples of minimal pairs are:
i) seal – deal
ii) pin – pen
iii) bin – bean
Students can write any three minimal pairs of their choice as the answer for this question.

Activity Corner

I am special

In this activity, we aim to help children understand that they are all inherently special. Instruct children to think about what makes them special. It could even be something as simple as ‘I do most of my work by myself without depending on my parents’. Now, ask them to make small human shapes using colour paper or cardboard or any other craft materials, and write their special nature inside the shape, along with their name. Create space for them to put it up on the notice board or any other place that is common for the entire class. Once done, ask students to see what’s special about their classmates from the shapes. Tell them that in this process, they get to learn something new about their classmates as well!

Reading Comprehension

1. What was Zenie’s surprise for the class?

Zenie’s surprise for the class was that all the class students were invited to her house.

2. When did Zenie’s classmates go to her house?

Zenie’s classmates went to her house on a Saturday morning.

3. Who joined Zenie’s classmates for the games?

Zenie’s brother Zahau joined them for the games.

4. What games did they play?

They played some board games and football.

5. What snack did Zenie’s mother offer them? What was it made of?

Zenie’s mother offered them Koat Pitha. It was made of rice flour and bananas. 

GK Challenge

With the help of the clues and the options given, find out the nationalities and write in the blanks provided:

Here is a list of cultural features (famous people, food, geographical names, etc.) that originated in different regions. Organize them under the correct headings: