Exercise Corner | Nellie Bly


Grammar Good

1. Write the following sentences as they would appear in a newspaper, i.e. in REPORTED SPEECH:

2. Match the following reported speech phrases with the respective direct speech words:


Read through the given exercise with the students and ask them if they know of other famous people with pen names. Also, help them to understand the difference between pen names and sobriquets. Talk to students and tell them that while nicknames can be funny, they should never be hurtful to the person in any way, and ask if students are willing to come and talk about any of their nicknames in front of the class!

Pick the correct name from the Choice Box for each nickname given below, and write in the blank provided:

Think & Write

It is always good to help students to aspire for something big! They need to know that there are limitless possibilities to what they could be when they grow up. Through this activity, we get students to think about the kind of person they’d want to be when they grow up. Ask students to think of what they’d like to be remembered for, the qualities they wish to have, and how these qualities will help them achieve what they want to be. Ask them to write a detailed essay explaining each of these.

In their responses, look for good language (sentence structure, grammar, spellings, correct grammar, etc.), their aspirations, and if they are trying to develop the right qualities to support their aspirations. Basically, check if they have properly processed what they want to be, and represented it in their essays.

Activity Corner

News Hour

Staying updated on the happenings around us is vital as it helps us know what is going on and be more perceptive of the world around us. In this activity, we aim to help children understand the importance of knowing the news through a fun activity. Split students into groups of 5 and give them recent newspapers in English or Tamil depending on the class’s proficiency. Ask them to look through interesting articles in the paper that can be presented in the form of news reading or even depict the scenes by acting them out. Instruct them to prepare for the presentation in such a way that they represent each category that is usually presented in the TV news (headlines, sports, achievements, weather forecasts, etc.). The entire session for one group can be prepared for about 5-7 minutes. Each member of the group should take up one specific responsibility and execute it properly. If possible, provide equipment (mobile cameras for recording) for the students to record their presentation and you can evaluate the activity from the recording too. Otherwise, the students can act out the activity for the class to view. Evaluate students based on how well they present the news without featuring any bias or opinions. Check for visual aids during the presentation and also for correctly capturing all the facts of the news article.

Finally, instruct students to make it a habit to follow the news every day, and you can also extend this activity by asking students to share a piece of news in the class. Also, ask students to stick to authentic news sources, and not believe all the forwards or news on social media without verifying the source first.

GK Challenge

Write each of the job titles given in the Choice Box under the column that indicates the field they would work in:

Reading Comprehension

1. What was Nellie Bly’s investigative article at Pittsburgh Dispatch based on?

Nellie Bly’s investigative article at Pittsburgh Dispatch was based on the lives of working women.

2. Why was she forced to work on women’s fashion articles later?

The newspaper soon received complaints from factory owners about her writing. So, she was forced to write about women’s fashion.

3. What did she do in Mexico?

She served as a foreign agent in Mexico.

4. What was the name of the book she published about the Mexican people?

The name of the book she published about the Mexican people is called ‘Six Months in Mexico’.

5. Choose the meaning of the word ‘dictatorship’ from the below options:

a) Government where single leader or group of leaders only have authority