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Grammar Good

Complete the below sentences using the correct verb choice PLAY – DO – GO:

GK Challenge

1. Certain terms related to specific sports are listed below. Identify the sport it is associated with and write in the blank provided:

2. Match the descriptions given below with the correct sport:

3. Choose the word or phrase that best fits each description from the given options:


A glance at Olympics

Ask students to read through the exercise and get acquainted with some facts about Olympics. In the question that has been given, students are expected to realise that there should be no gender bias in any activities and in fields like sports too, women and men should be given equal opportunities.

Symbols of the Olympics

In this exercise, we teach children about the history of the Olympics, its origin, common practices, etc.

Why do you think the Olympic Rings doesn’t denote the 7 continents?

North America and South America are represented by one ring. Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia are represented by the other four rings. No one lives on the continent of Antarctica, so it does not get a ring.

Reading Comprehension

1. Which event was Dipa the first Indian to get qualified for?

Dipa Karmakar was the first Indian to qualify for the final vault event in the Olympics. 

2. What was her score when she qualified?

Her score was 14.833 points when she got qualified.

3. What was her score when she missed the bronze medal?

Her score was 15.066 points when she missed the bronze medal.

4. What is the Produnova vault otherwise known as?

The Produnova vault is otherwise known as the handspring double front.

5. What is the hardest vault performed in women’s artistic gymnastics?

The Produnova vault is the hardest vault performed in the realm of women’s artistic gymnastics.

Activity Corner

Sports Time

Physical activity and exercise is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, when children take part in sports, they develop several important skills such as being part of a team, sportsmanship, taking it easy even when they lose, etc. In this activity, we aim to help children pick up a sport they are interested in and train in it. Ask them to give it their best during training even though they don’t have to worry about winning or coming first. Here, they just have to focus on being their best. Ask students to pick from various track and field events such as running, jumping (long jump, high jump, triple jump, pole vault, etc.), throwing (javelin, discus, shot put, etc.) based on the equipment availability in your institution as well. Take the help of the PE teacher present in your institution to train the student.

Finally, pick a day to conduct the sports event and try to invite some other teachers for the event as well. Please make it very clear to the students that this is different from Sports Day and that this will be taken into account for the Sports Day scores. You can conduct it as a competition if there are multiple students taking part in an event. Otherwise, you can simply ask the student to present the sport they trained in, to you. Appreciate and applaud the students for their efforts and ask them to keep training in the sport to excel at it!

Sportsmanship Checklist

It’s important for students to realise that they need to be fair, respect everyone, and accept the outcome irrespective of whether they win or lose. This makes them a sportsperson in every sense. Ask them to make sure they follow all of these aspects in every game! After all, it’s not just winning that matters, being a good sportsperson is what matters the most.

Think & Write

Story Retelling

Being able to spin a story based on a character is an important skill. In this activity, we give students a format using which they can create a story. Instruct students to take a look at the format and come up with a story. Tell them that the story needs to be at least one page long. In their responses, check if they have followed the format and look for good language (sentence structure, spellings, punctuation, and correct grammar). Additionally, also make sure the story has a good structure and that students have tried to be creative in their writing.