Exercise Corner | Miriam Makeba


Grammar Good

1. Tick the correct question form from the following sets of questions:

2. Pick the correct indirect question form for the direct questions from the given options:

3. Tick the boxes across the rhetorical questions from the following list:

GK Challenge

Identify some of the Indian freedom fighters from the pictures given below:

Think & Write

Leaving my mark

Children need to believe that there are no bounds to what they aim to achieve. If they put their mind to it and start working towards it, they can definitely reach their goal. Say this to children before you begin this activity and ask them to reflect on what they feel is very important. Based on that, ask them what they want to be, what they want to be known for, any change they want to make, etc., and write it down in the space provided.

Check their responses and have conversations with them about how they can work towards achieving this goal and help them find the required materials and resources to keep to know more about it!

Activity Corner

Diversity Bingo

In this activity, we aim to help children realise the diverse nature of the people around them and respect the differences.
Since this activity involves children walking around the class, set some basic norms:
– No student is allowed to walk out of the classroom
– No student can stay in anyone’s place for more than 3-4 minutes
Feel free to include any other norms that might be required.
Once children complete their bingo, grant them points (maybe 10), and grade them accordingly. You can also choose to give the students who complete It a star in their book.

After the activity is over, ask students to give themselves a round of applause, for their efforts and as an appreciation to the differences, which make them even more beautiful as a group.

Reading Comprehension

1. Where did Makeba grow up?

Miriam Makeba grew up in Sophiatown, Johannesburg.

2. Why was Miriam well known in South Africa?

Miriam was well known in South Africa for her singing.

3. What is the name of the documentary film Miriam appeared in?

Miriam appeared in a documentary film called ‘Come Back, Africa’.

4. In which language were her songs more popular?

Her songs were popular in Xhosa and Zulu.

5. Choose the meaning of the word ‘criticized’ from the below options:

b) Blamed


Match the following people to the eponyms that take after them: