Exercise Corner | Let’s Make Some Lime Juice!


Grammar Good

In this exercise, recall students’ knowledge about tenses in general, and walk them through the types of future tense given in the book. Since this is a fairly new concept, give them lots of real-world examples to help them understand. You can even check their understanding of the types of past tense and present tense, which was discussed in the previous chapters.

As an additional step, you can suggest that they watch the supplementary videos given in the mobile app to understand the types of future tense better.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the future tense. You can use one of the following tense forms: simple future tense, future continuous tense, future perfect tense, or future perfect continuous tense.

Note: The answers given here are of the simple future tense type. Answers that are correct, but belong to the other types can also be accepted.

GK Challenge

Identify the shops that sell the below-mentioned items and write them down in the blanks provided:


Traditional games in India

Physical activity helps children stay active, both physically and mentally. Through this activity, we aim to introduce children to the rich history of games in India, while also motivating them to play more and be healthy. Read through the different types of games mentioned in the book with children and form a discussion around the games they’ve played and the ones that are new to them.

If possible, you can even arrange for children to play some of these games during their PE period!

Think & Write

Describe your perfect summer vacation. You can even draw a picture in the below box depicting what you’d like to do the most during your holidays.

For this activity, ask students to think what they would love to do one their summer vacation, and give their response both in the form of a drawing and a small passage. Instruct them to mention the place they would ideally spend their vacation at, the people they spend it with, the activities they’d do, the food they would eat, etc. Ask them to write the passage in their notebook.
In their responses, check for good language (sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.), and also check if they do a diverse range of activities (indoor & outdoor games, reading, developing new skills, etc.). If their responses exhibit that they are very sedentary (watching TV all the time), advise them to spend time on other activities to be more healthy.

Activity Corner

This activity aims to bring attention to students’ knowledge about different professions through an interesting game! Instruct students to play the game in groups of 2, by alternating turns to roll the dice. Ask them to take note of any new professions they come across during the game and look it up later. Additionally, you can also talk to children about how every profession should be respected, and that no profession should be looked down upon.

Reading Comprehension

1. What did Alok’s parents ask him to get from the fridge?

Alok’s parents asked him to bring 3 tomatoes from the fridge.

2. What did Alok notice in the fridge?

Alok noticed yellow lemons in the fridge.

3. Why were his parents surprised when Alok asked if he could make lime juice?

Alok’s parents were surprised to know that Alok knew how to make lime juice by himself.

4. Choose the meaning of the word ‘diligently’ from the below options:

c) Doing something with a lot of effort

5. What did Alok’s parents tell the rest of the family when they were having lunch?

Alok’s parents told the rest of the family that Alok had made something special for lunch.