Exercise Corner | Anaya’s Thumb


Grammar Good

Find the animal related to each of the adjectives given below and write in the space provided. The first one has been done as an example.

GK Challenge

Unscramble the following animal names with the help of the adaptations given and write in the space provided:


Understanding Habits

This activity is a good chance to introduce students to the concept of habit development and nudge them to think about developing healthy habits in the process. Read through the exercise with children and explain clearly what muscle memory is based on your understanding from the book. While reading, also draw children’s attention to how habits are formed over time, and explain why they should be mindful of their day-to-day activities. Give them examples of some good habits that they should, and ask them to try and develop these habits over time. If any of them realise that they have a bad habit, ask them to follow the steps in the book to change it, or even approach you to help them get over it. Then, guide them to certain good habits that they might find interesting to help them get over their bad habit.

Choose whether the following habits are healthy or unhealthy by circling the relevant emoticon:

Think & Write

Character Chart

The character chart activity aims to introduce children to the act of creating characters for stories, movies, etc. By analysing a character’s traits, actions, dialogues, and feelings, children will get acquainted to the distinguishing characteristics of the character. As this do this for multiple characters, they will start to realise how the character is built. Instruct children to not stick just one trait or feeling, but list down everything they think represents the character. In children’s responses, check if the analysis matches the character descriptions in the story.

After children create their own character chart, you can even ask them to come up with a story in which they are the main character!

Reading Comprehension

1. Where was Anaya going with her parents?

Anaya and her parents were going to visit her newborn cousin.

2. What did Anaya tell the baby?

Anaya told the baby that the baby should stop putting her finger inside her mouth.

3. Why were Anaya’s parents proud?

Ananya’s parents were proud because she realised that sucking on her thumb was not good for her, and she even tried to help the baby to stop sucking on her thumb.

4. Choose the opposite of the word ‘whisper’ from the below options:

a) Shout

5. Choose the meaning of the word ‘beamed’ from the below options:

c) Smiling happily

Activity Corner

My Habits

Before starting this activity, remind students that ‘Honesty is the best policy’, and that they do not get anything out of cheating in this activity. This is just for them to assess themselves and build better habits. Ask them to rate themselves for each of the prompts given and finally check where they stand.

In the goal/plan that they write, check if they have addressed the specific areas in which they are lacking, and provide suggestions for improvement based on their final points and their goal.