Book 8
Book 8

Book 8

The Flourish books aim to inculcate values, teach life skills, and impart social-emotional learning. Therefore, due focus has been given to making the content as inclusive as possible. Further, we’ve created an Inclusivity Index to map and gauge the inclusive nature of the books. The Inclusivity Index for Book 8 has been given below. For more details about the framework, click here.

Analysis of the Stories

Story NameMinority ReligionCharacters with DisabilityClass DiversityGender DiversityBreaking StereotypesValues Covered
The Magic PowderYesNoYes★★★★★Importance of Hard Work, Perseverance
Mission CycleYesNoYes★★★★★★★Resilience, Perseverance, Empathy, Problem-solving
A Cloud Of TrashNoNoNo★★★★★★★Problem-solving, Empathy, Understanding the Environment
Rahul And The WatchmanNoNoYes★★★★★★Self-awareness, Self-confidence, Overcoming Challenges, Goal-setting
The Case Of The Missing WaterNoNoYes★★★★★★★Resilience, Perseverance, Empathy, Problem-solving
Inside Out – The Movie (2015)NANANA★★★★★★Understanding Emotions, Interpersonal Relationships, Self-Management
Tine And The Faraway MountainYesNoYes★★★★★★Understanding the Environment, Perseverance, Resilience, Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration, Goal-setting
The Mystery Of The Cyber FriendNoNoYes★★★★★★★Importance of Cyber Security, Self-Management
Mary KomYesNoYes★★★★★★★★Motivation, Inspiration, Resilience, Decision-making, Leadership, Goal-setting
The Auto That FlewYesNoYes★★★★★★★Self-awareness, Understanding Emotions, Gratitude

Minority Religion – Is a minority religion being represented in the story?
Characters with Disability – Are there any characters with a disability in the story?
Class Diversity – Do the characters in the story belong to diverse social classes?
Gender Diversity – Do the characters in the story represent diversity when it comes to gender?
Breaking Stereotypes – How much is the story trying to break away from a stereotype?
Values Covered – What are the Values covered in the story?

NA – Not Applicable

Analysis of the Exercises

The exercises in this book primarily focus on developing writing abilities through various activities, and grammar such as verbs. The exercises manage to do this through individual and group activities, and fact snippets. The activities use a variety of methods that even extend beyond the classroom and the pages of the book, and focus on self-management, health and well-being, environment and topics from around the world. Some of the themes highlighted in the exercises are superstition, understanding laws, mental health and suicide, expressing and managing emotions, practising kindness, knowing about sustainable goals, cyber cromes, Olympics, etc.

Overview of the Book

Out of the 7 stories of the book, 4 are written by females and 3 by males authors. In the stories, 6 protagonists are females, and 4 are males. None of the protagonists or supporting characters has a disability. The book captures stories across a wide variety of topics and touches upon subversive stories that are usually unknown in mainstream content creation. The stories and exercises do not shy away from addressing sensitive themes and do so with certain compassion and keeping the target group in mind. ‘The Magic Powder’ highlights names, culture and practices of the North-East, similarly, ‘Mission Cycle’ portrays Kashmir and the ongoing conflict and effect it has on the people living there. Both these narratives are often missing and there is little dialogue created especially with children. ‘Rahul and the Watchman’ is a revolutionary story that talks about suicide and the importance of mental health in a normalized manner and ways to overcome and manage the same. ‘The Mystery of the Cyber Friend’ depicts a new-age story of addressing the impact of the internet and the caution with which children need to approach it. Additionally, ‘Tine and the Faraway Mountain’ and ‘Mary Kom’ depict resilient women from the North-East that excel in their fields and achieve multiple milestones through hard work and perseverance. Thus, the themes outlined through the stories and exercises in Book 8 constantly tries to push boundaries, highlight difficult themes in an empathetic manner, and creates important dialogues through bold narratives. The book overall promotes peace and equality for males and females, regardless of their race, class, disability, religion, sexual preference, or ethnic background. According to the WHO Gender Responsive Assessment Scale, the book is gender-transformative.