Book 5
Book 5

Book 5

The Flourish books aim to inculcate values, teach life skills, and impart social-emotional learning. Therefore, due focus has been given to making the content as inclusive as possible. Further, we’ve created an Inclusivity Index to map and gauge the inclusive nature of the books. The Inclusivity Index for Book 5 has been given below. For more details about the framework, click here.

Analysis of the Stories

Story NameMinority ReligionCharacters with DisabilityClass DiversityGender DiversityBreaking StereotypesValues Covered
A Butterfly SmileYesNoYes★★★★★★Self-confidence, Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy, Effective Communication
What Did Priya Eat?YesNoYes★★★NAUnderstanding the Environment, Ecology
Captain AryaYesNoYes★★★★★★★Motivation, Inspiration, Decision-making, Leadership. Goal-setting
Raju’s First FlightNoNoNo★★★★★★★★Curiosity, Motivation, Goal-setting
A Help In TimeNoNoNo★★★★★★Kindness, Empathy, Respecting Others
Bambi – The Movie (1942)NANoNA★★★★★★★★Understanding the Environment, Interpersonal Relationships, Self-identity
Durai, The DetectiveNoNoNA★★★★★★★Curiosity, Motivation, Interpersonal Relationships
Same-Same Or DifferentNANANA★★★NAImportance of Friendship, Respecting Others, Diversity, Self-awareness
Mae C. JemisonYesNoYes★★★★★★★Motivation, Inspiration, Decision-making, Leadership, Goal-setting
The Pig With The Runaway TailNANANANANAGoal-setting, Problem-solving, Creative Thinking
Farida Plans A FeastYesNoNo★★★★★★★Goal-setting, Problem-solving, Creative Thinking

Minority Religion – Is a minority religion being represented in the story?
Characters with Disability – Are there any characters with a disability in the story?
Class Diversity – Do the characters in the story belong to diverse social classes?
Gender Diversity – Do the characters in the story represent diversity when it comes to gender?
Breaking Stereotypes – How much is the story trying to break away from a stereotype?
Values Covered – What are the Values covered in the story?

NA – Not Applicable

Analysis of the Exercises

The exercises in this book focus on grammatical concepts like parts of speech, question words, articles, singular-plural words, etc. There are also activities for the children that encourage them to make new friends, help with goal-setting, observe nature and one’s immediate environment. Some of the values highlighted in the exercises of this book are friendship, mindfulness towards the environment, kindness towards animals, the importance of communities, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Overview of the Book

Out of the 10 stories in the book, 7 are written by females and 3 by males. Out of the 11 protagonists, 7 are females and 4 are males. None of the protagonists or supporting characters has a disability. The stories cover a wide range of values like empathy, the mindfulness towards the environment, goal-setting. None of the stories is reinforcing any stereotype, gender role, or expectation defined by society. In 3 of them, the characters are breaking some gender expectation or stereotype prevalent in the society—for example, in ‘Captain Arya’, all of Arya’s role models are women, and she too picks up a profession that is traditionally seen as mens’ and aspires to excel at it. The book overall promotes peace and equality for males and females, regardless of their race, class, disability, religion, sexual preference, or ethnic background. According to the WHO Gender Responsive Assessment Scale, the book is gender-transformative.