Book 1
Book 1

Book 1

The Flourish books aim to inculcate values, teach life skills, and impart social-emotional learning. Therefore, due focus has been given to making the content as inclusive as possible. Further, we’ve created an Inclusivity Index to map and gauge the inclusive nature of the books. The Inclusivity Index for Book 1 has been given below. For more details about the framework, click here.

Analysis of the Stories

Story NameMinority ReligionCharacters with DisabilityClass DiversityGender DiversityBreaking StereotypesValues Covered
Rani’s First Day At SchoolNANoYes★★★★★★★★Understanding Feelings and Emotions
Malar’s Big HouseNANoYes★★★★★★★Creativity, Innovation, Resilience
Busy AntsNANANANANAUnderstanding and Respecting Animals
AnandYesNoYes★★★★★★★Understanding and Respecting Different Professions
Is There Anyone Like Me?NANANANANASelf-identity, Uniqueness
Lorax – The Movie (2012)NANoYes★★★★★★★Understanding the Environment, Courage
SnifflesYesNoNA★★★★★★Health, Self-management
Wangari MathaiYesNoYes★★★★★★★Collective Action, Courage, Motivation, Inspiration, Leadership
Did You Hear?NANANANANAUnderstanding the Environment
The Royal ToothacheNANANANANAHealth, Self-management
Timmy and PepeYesNoNANANAUnderstanding Self
Who Ate All That Up?NANANANANAUnderstanding the Environment

Minority Religion – Is a minority religion being represented in the story?
Characters with Disability – Are there any characters with a disability in the story?
Class Diversity – Do the characters in the story belong to diverse social classes?
Gender Diversity – Do the characters in the story represent diversity when it comes to gender?
Breaking Stereotypes – How much is the story trying to break away from a stereotype?
Values Covered – What are the Values covered in the story?

NA – Not Applicable

Analysis of the Exercises

The exercises in this book primarily focus on building the vocabulary and improving awareness towards the self, surroundings and the environment. The exercises manage to do this through small individual and group activities and fact snippets. A lot of them also encourage the children to connect the dots themselves and think creatively and critically to arrive at conclusions and encourage teamwork. Some of the values highlighted in the exercises are kindness towards animals, helping others, respecting all occupations, mindfulness about the environment, etc.

Overview of the Book

Out of the 11 stories in the book, 6 are written by females and 5 by males. 5 protagonists are females, 3 are males and all the animals are neutral. None of the protagonists or supporting characters has a disability. Stories such as ‘Malar’s Big House’ in which Appa is shown cooking, and ‘Sniffles’ in which the girl is the captain of the football team try to actively break gender stereotypes. The book overall promotes peace and equality for males and females, regardless of their race, class, disability, religion, sexual preference, or ethnic background. According to the WHO Gender Responsive Assessment Scale, the book is gender-specific.