Frequently Asked Questions

Educational institutions or individuals that aim to inculcate exemplary language skills through the bilingual approach and impart value education, particularly in students from classes 1 to 8 can make use of the Flourish books.

The Flourish books can be used to help children make reading a regular habit. It can also be used to improve the language skills of the learners and impart essential 21st-century skills and values. Flourish books can also be used as an alternative to conventional Value Education (Moral Science) & GK textbooks that are typically used as a part of the school’s curriculum.

The bilingual approach to language learning is known to significantly improve cognitive development. It also positively impacts the executive function of the brain, improves memory power and leads to better academic achievement among the learners.

To purchase the books, go to the Access the books page and request to view the preview of the books. Once you take a look at the books, click on the Get the books button on the same page, and then our team will get in touch with you to take the process forward.

Flourish was initiated by a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers at Infant Jesus MHSS, Kalpakkam. Therefore, the Flourish books do not belong to any publishing house. Visit our About us page for more details.

Flourish is a social initiative intended to democratise quality learning resources. Therefore, we issue the books at a highly subsidized price. The cost of books for each class varies. Please fill out the Contact us form, following which our team will get in touch with you and discuss the pricing details according to your requirements.

Yes, the books can be purchased for selected classes. However, we recommend purchasing the entire set of 8 books to ensure that your students get the maximum benefit out of the books.

Yes, a digital answer key, along with detailed instructions on how the teachers can use the books efficiently will be provided after the book is purchased.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the books, please fill out the Contact us form and our team will get in touch with you to address your query.

The stories in the books are handpicked to impart multiple essential values to the learners. Some of the notable values include environmental consciousness, emotional awareness, self-management, kindness, inclusivity, interpersonal relationships, leadership, diversity, goal-setting, perseverance, teamwork, sustainability, empathy, and leadership.

The stories and the exercises in the book aim to improve the reading, writing, and comprehension skills of the learners on the language front. Apart from this, it also imparts essential 21st-century skills such as creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Currently, the Flourish books are available only in the Tamil language (English + Tamil). If you are interested in preparing a similar set of books in other Indian languages, please fill out the Contact us form and our team will get in touch with you.

Yes, once you Request Access, select chapters (stories and exercises) in each of the 8 books will be made accessible to you.

After the books have been purchased, we will provide access to the digital teacher’s manual to the relevant individuals. Once access is provided, it can be viewed on the Flourish website.

There are two partnership opportunities available with the Flourish initiative. You can sign up to be a Distribution Partner, in which case you can take up the distribution of the books for a particular region. You can also sign up to be a Knowledge Partner, in which case you can enhance the content in our books and the teacher’s manual. Please choose the relevant option and fill out the Contact us form and our team will get in touch with you.

No, the Value Education and GK classes that are prevalent in most educational institutions can be substituted with the Flourish books. Therefore, no extra hours will be required. In fact, the Flourish books would save the precious time of the students and the teachers as the need to spend additional hours on reading practice gets reduced with the Flourish books.

The book contains the grading scheme based on which the performance and reading levels of the learners can be assessed.

Yes, please feel free to do so. There are no issues as long as the distribution is done non-commercially and the original creators of the work are properly attributed.