Salient features of the book

A study states that 1 in 2 Indian children can’t read books meant for their reading levels. Through Flourish, we aim to solve the problem by working on reading comprehension using a bilingual method. Also by instilling values and breaking stereotypes, we have adopted a gender-sensitized approach throughout the learning journey. Thereby covering all the important learning aspects at minimum expenditure.

Stories to inculcate 21st century skills and values

Activities for personal growth and habit building

Curiosity-inducing mobile applications for interactive learning

Digital teacher’s forum with interactive manuals

Who is the book for?

Innovative educational institutions that strive towards inculcating language skills in students from classes 1 to 8 through research-driven, state-of-the-art methodologies.

Why the bilingual approach?

By adopting the bilingual technique, Flourish aims to inculcate better reading comprehension, while improving the native language skills of the learners.

The new National Education Policy emphasises on the importance of bilingual approach to learning and recommends the use of learning material in learners’ mother tongues.

Bilingual education is a proven methodology in garnering the interest of students towards learning languages.

Research suggests that learning English the bilingual way, i.e. by leveraging the native language skills, leads to the quicker grasping of new words and complex concepts, as a result of the familiarity of the native language.

Various research studies suggest that early focus on bilingualism can result in significant social understanding  and cognitive development in children.

Towards a diverse and inclusive world

Our worldview is significantly shaped by what we read, listen to, and watch. As our Flourish books can play a crucial role in shaping the worldview of the children, we have given special emphasis on making the content as gender-affirmative and inclusive as possible. The Inclusivity Index provided for each book helps teachers draw learner’s attention to the important values and gender transformative scenarios in the stories. Additionally, the mappings will also help educators identify the biases present in the book and have conversations around them with the students. We believe every positive reform starts with acknowledgement. 

Democratised learning with open-sourced content

With an aim to make the resources accessible to everyone, we have made selected stories available free of cost. The supplementary mobile app has abundant additional material to pique the interest of learners.

Chuskit Goes To School!

Chuskit Goes To School!

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Welcome To The Forest

Welcome To The Forest

Visually seeing is not the only way to embrace our nature. Forests talk to us in ...
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The Grumpus Rumpus

The Grumpus Rumpus

Can animals display their happiness? Little Grumpus can! And so can all the other animals! ...
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